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Defend your online profile and keep your reputation in shape. Clean up your online reputation in less than 90 days. For one reason or another, many people stay passive while watching their personal or corporate online reputation go up in flames. Some try to act on their own but are mostly not able to clear their names online. If you think posting a couple of positive comments or blog posts will clean the mud, think again. Online Reputation Repair is a complex process.


To help clear your name and repair your online reputation you must weaken negative and abusive online content and press. You must also positively reinforce the good and positive content about you or your company's brand. While you can take a shot at it yourself or with the help of in-house talent, defending your online reputation is not an easy task. Read some Online Reputation Repair and Management Case Studies.


Defending and protecting your online reputation and profile is a strategy that requires patience, hard work, perseverance, extensive research, knowledge, technical skills and, thought leadership. Corporate & Personal Online Reputation Management and Repair is a serious business. To clean up the online reputation of a business or an individual, there are many measures that have to be taken. SwiftlyLabs online reputation management services for individuals and businesses utilize state-of-the-art Content Marketing, SEO, reverse SEO, and Information removal practices to enhance online reputations.


It takes a real Online Reputation Management service (ORM) and online reputation defender Company to undo the damage to your online reputation. The problem with most of these online reputation management companies is they know that most of their prospects are desperate. Many of these companies will prey on their customers by overpromising, overcharging, and under-delivering. Read The 10 Commandments of Online Reputation Management.


Corporate and Personal Online Reputation Management services and Profile Defenders will often make false promises to remove negative content altogether. In the heat of the moment, and while their reputation is on the line, most customers will fall for the false advertising and end up paying an extravagant amount of money without blinking an eye. We will clean up your Internet reputation within 90 days, guaranteed. Online Reputation Management Service Pricing.

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How much does online reputation management cost?

Read this post to understand the fair cost of online reputation management service.

What is Online Reputation Management Service?

While it is possible to force the search engines and some of the sites hosting the negative content to remove some of it, chances are this will only happen with court orders. A true reputation profile defender company will weaken the negative content and search results and push it away from the first, second, and third results pages of search engines. Read How to Remove Information from Google search results?


We have been successful at removing Youtube videos, just by making a case for each client. Not all hosting video portals are the same and difficulty may vary. With our best online reputation repair services, our team will remove at source and/or hide from Google any negative online content.

Another exaggerated and often false promise these online reputation management profile defenders will make is a quick turn around. Any search engine optimization expert knows that ranking a website on the first page is difficult and takes time. Now imagine trying to rank 40 web properties to own the first, second and third search engine results pages (SERPs)? It's like doing the work 40 times over! Personal Online Reputation Management is SEO on steroids. A reasonable time frame is 6-24 weeks to fully clean up your reputation on the top 3 pages of search results. For most customers, we usually accomplish a total cleanup within 90 days.

When all your efforts to delete negative online content fail, you are only left with Google Reputation Repair Service to clean your online reputation and safeguard your name online. Business and Personal Online Reputation Management (ORM) is a service that dominates the search engine results pages (SERPS) with controlled and positive content about your name or your business. 


Ironically, one such online reputation profile defender company promises the removal of negative search results and to fully repair your online reputation in less than 15 days, however; they demand full payment for 12 months of service upfront. Another one of the most popular online reputation management profile defenders had its CEO recently charged with fraud for filing bogus defamation lawsuits on behalf of his customers to obtain court orders to remove negative search results from Google! If it sounds too good to be true, it is!


To repair your online reputation ethically and once for all, Contact Swiftly Labs Now.



Chad M

She didn't like it when I broke up with her. She went online and posted nasty lies about me. Soon searching my name on Google returned results with negative posts about me with personal pictures on revenge sites. My name was ruined. I didn't know how to fix it. A Google search for online reputation management companies reviews lead me to SwiftlyLabs.  For less than $5000 and 100 days later they cleaned up my online reputation and the negative results do not appear on page one and two of Google search results.


I was a victim of Webcam Blackmail extortionist. I am a single person who met a woman on dating sites. We chatted for days, then we started going on skype. She claimed her microphone didn't work so I was fine with regular chat and webcam. in a couple of days, she started to undress on cam for me. She asked me to do the same. Once I did some sexual acts on cam, she disappeared. 

I received an email with a video recording of the webcam session with a demand of a ransom with a threat to post the video online and send it to a list of my friends, family members, c-workers, etc. if I didn't pay. I felt devastated and even contemplated suicide. I searched online for help and found SwiftlyLabs. They helped me out and in a few hours, they were able to identify and locate the criminals behind it. With their help the ransom emails were stopped, the criminals were arrested, my reputation was saved and I gained my sanity back. 

Cloud App

We had a hardware failure that caused our cloud app to be down for 4 days.  Our support was not informed about the situation for the first 9 hours so mixed messages to customers were sent leading to make us look like liers. Some customers posted online negative reviews about us. To add insult to injury we were so overwhelmed it took us weeks to respond to all complaints. A quick search for our name on Google portrayed us as a bad company to do business with. Our sales were doomed.  SwiftlyLabs devised a 120-day plan to fix our cnline corporate reputation by using thought leadership and content marketing campaigns. 

David G

After I broke up with my x-girlfriend, she posted a video on youtube that has some intimate content about me. She felt that by publishing a private sexual video she can get even with me. I thought about calling the police, but I wanted to avoid getting publicity and possibly a public case record when she is convicted. She never admitted she posted the video but I know she did it. I talked to SwiftlyLabs and they were able to get the video removed from and provided me with digital forensics services that prooved who uploaded the video. They then sent the admissible evidence to her and told her if she uploads the video again she will be prosecuted. The video was deleted and she never threatened me again.

Mark B

I am an investor who was involved in a bad investment that attracted the media. I was not convicted of any wrong doing, but Google search results for my name were dominated by negative media press accusations without any evidence. I was active online on social media but the negative online content was potent and I didn't know who to turn to for help. A google search for online reputation management companies reviews lead me to SwiftlyLabs. They were able to remove 3 defamatory links and outrank the rest with positive owned media. They were very professional and revealing throughout the reputation clean up process. 

Dan S

After serving my beloved town as an Orthodontist for over 25 years, I sold my practice. I agreed to stay at the clinic for a year to help the new owner understand how the clinic is managed. During the first few months, the new owner mistreated customers, staff and me so I quit. A few months later the practice went bankrupt and customers were stiffed. The practice still used my last name as part of the sale agreement, so without any wrong-doing or involvement, my name was tarnished and many outraged patients blamed me.  I hired SwiftlyLabs to clear my name by providing an explanation of what happened and hiding the online negative and false reviews and accusations. An orthodontist with a bad online reputation might as well stay home as no one is going to trust them. I am glad I hired Swiftlylabs to manage my online reputation and hide the negative online content and reinforce the positive content about me. Their Online Reputation Management Service was fast and guaranteed.

Plastic Surgeon

I have been a plastic surgeon for over 35 years. In my days customers complained in the clinic and it didn't go any further. Recently I noticed some bad customer reviews about me and my practice when searching Google. After a careful review of these negative reviews I couldn't recognize most of the names.  Apparently someone was posting negative false and fabricated reviews about my clinic and name. We searched Google for best online reputation management companies and found SwiftlyLabs.   They implemented a process that was able  to clean up our online reputation and fight back the negative false reviews. We never looked back and happy to use their online reputation services.


As a medical doctor, I worked in the USA for a few years after graduating from medical school. At the time, the Government hit the practice with an unjustifiable tax bill and accusation of tax evasion. The practice settled the matter with the IRS in order to focus on the practice. A news blog defamed the practice and me and called the matter fraud. We tried to get the webmaster to remove the false content but they were unresponsive. We went to court and got an order to remove the content, but the website was in Europe where the court had no jurisdiction. I hired Swiftlylabs and they were able to hide the negative news article from Google in about 6 weeks.  I was not aware of Online Reputation Management Services until I searched Google and found Swiftlylabs. If you are suffering from false and negative online content, these guys can remove and hide ti forever.

Online Reputation Management Services

Managing your online reputation can be a daunting task. Individuals & Companies suffering from online defamation wither caused by disgruntled customers or jealous competitors will harm your business. Our online reputation repair services are tailored to solve this problem indifferently. We research your current reputation state and develop a reputation management strategy that will restore your well-deserved company or personal image. The result is less embarrassment and increased customer trust in your brand and increased revenues. Clean up your online reputation now.


SEO Optimization Services


SEO Rankings can only be achieved by professionals who understand how search engines crawl, index and rank websites. This achievement is the result of years of experience and ethical SEO engineering. The key to organic rankings success starts with a superior SEO strategy that opens the doors to search engines quickly. Let us help you get high rankings, more traffic, leads and therefore revenues.


Content Marketing Solutions


Content is King. No matter how authoritative your site is, without relevant content, your SEO strategy is bound to fail. Creative content marketing is the surest way to achieve high search engine rankings. Let our team of professional content marketers research your business and then write compelling content that is guaranteed to drive traffic to your site, generate leads and exponentially increase your revenues.


Online Content Removal Services





Many of our customers approach us and ask questions like: "How to get an article removed from the Internet?", "How to remove negative information from the Internet?", "How to remove negative content from Google search?", "How to remove my name from Google search results?", or "How to remove public records from the Internet?"


The simplest answer to these content removal questions is to use our online content removal services. Our Online Reputation Management strategies can help a company or a person remove negative content from search engines and hosting websites altogether. Our digital marketing experts understand the content removal processes so well, that our removal success rate is astonishing. In fact, our successful negative search results removal processes are so solid, we offer guaranteed results.


Our guaranteed removals of online reviews and search results help companies and individuals keep their online reputations in a pristine state. To remove information about you or your brand from Google and other search engines, we first analyze each result and determine the best way to remove. Some search results are harder than others, but there is always a way to get rid of the negative content. Some search results can be easily removed by following search engine removal processes, other search results will only be removed with a court order.


Many brands and individuals are suffering from defamatory online content that hurts their image, business, and personal lives. While all our online reputation strategies have content marketing, SEO and reverse SEO at its core, removing negative search results altogether can be the most effective method when it comes to repairing one's online reputation.


We are able to guarantee the removal of bad online reviews, web content, personal information and blog posts from websites like, Google Reviews, cheating web sites, etc.


If you are after removing your personal information from Google and other search engines, we are capable of removing content that has personal information about you such as name, address, family members names, ages, social security numbers, banking information, places of birth and other personal content that you object to.



Contact our content removal experts for a free consultation and quote today.

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SWIFTLY Labs is an Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Online Reputation Management Company focused on SEO, Content Curation and Online Reputation Management Services. We guarantee that our work will help grow your business and therefore we sometimes turn down customers if we feel we can't accomplish their goals. Our Calgary Reputation Management Specialists can help clean up your Internet reputation.


Before we engage with our clients we do a thorough analysis of their web presence to determine where do they stand and what can we do to help achieve their SEO objectives. Our Online Reputation Repair Services are offered in the local USA and Canada. Our customers in Canada come from cities like Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax. In the USA our customers come from different states like California, New York, Washington DC, etc. 


The Importance of your Online Reputation:

Why is your online reputation critical to your business success and personal image? How online reputation affects a brand or an individual? What does a reputation do for a company or a person?


Today most people use their smartphones to search for a product before purchasing. Similarly, your potential employer or even a potential partner is more likely to search for your name online before hiring or engaging with you in real life.


In the Internet era, it has become much easier for people to go online and vent by submitting negative reviews about bad customer service or even bad mouth an ex-partner online. The sum of all the negative and positive content that shows up on the search engines is your digital footprint, also known as your online reputation. According to recent studies, people believe what they read about you or your company online, simply because in their minds the Internet is not controllable.


Competitors, disgruntled people, and even cyberbullies can damage your online reputation. We have dealt with situations where businesses were literally going out of business because of false defamation and slandering and unfavorable reviews online. When you leave your image to be dragged into the mud by jealous or unhappy individuals, you risk your reputation. According to recent online users behavior research reports, consumers hesitate doing business with companies that have few negative reviews! With negative comments, reviews, and online forums being accessible, easy to use and unverifiable; this is exactly how you destroy someone's reputation online.



* Edelman Trust Barometer report.

Online Reputation Management facts and Statistics

Get it right the first time

First impressions are lasting impressions. They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. The first impression your customers get about your brand will be your single most important chance to make a lasting relationship with them, or not. In the era of the Internet, customers researching products and services will go to search engines and type your company name. What do they see? What kind of an impression the search results gives them about your corporate identity? What type of online reviews can they see? Considering more than 70% of the search engine visitors will not go beyond the first page of results means owning the first page of Google is the most important strategy your online reputation plan has to focus on.


By monitoring your first page of Google results for your business, you will be able to conduct online reputation digital marketing the right way. If negative reviews or content makes it to the first page, your digital marketing efforts should be re-prioritized to remove these search results at all costs. If you fail to remove the negative reviews and content from the first page of Google results for your company, say goodbye to new customers and revenues. Our digital marketing experts help hundreds of customers every month to monitor and repair their online business reputations and we are very good at it. If you find it diffecult to own the first page of Google search results for your brand, we are a phone call away and we sure can help.