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How can you remove bad reviews from Google?

For every business, it’s essential to have great reviews. A well-received review can help drum up free customer traffic, improve your brand’s ranking on Google, and create word-of-mouth buzz. Unfortunately, with the increasing number of negative reviews that businesses receive regularly, it is becoming harder and harder to delete reviews from business profile on Google. So to make your job easy here are some tips to remove negative reviews from google.

Understanding Google Policy

Everybody wants their product or brand to be affected by bad reviews of people, so they want to remove it from their page. But Google only removes the reviews in specific situations. Google has its policies, and thus if any comment is violating that policy, you can get it removed. Also, removing bad reviews from google takes time and has lots of processes, so it is better to take immediate action if you see a terrible and violative review on your brand or product.

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Contact Google

First, find the good reviews you want to remove from your search results and collect them. Be sure to have at least five positive reviews for every bad review before going about clearing the bad reviews on your account. Then you have to reach out to google to report the reviews or comments so that Google can flag those reviews to check. When requesting to have a review removed, be sure to explain the situation and the reasoning so google can decide based on your request. This is very important because they need to understand what they are dealing with.

You also want to keep a timeline of all emails sent between you and google as they may need it in the future. This is one of the ways to remove bad Google reviews if you want your brands name or value to be unaffected by negative comments.