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Criminal background check removal service. Guaranteed results or you do not pay.

We will remove your online criminal record, mugshot, or any negative news to protect your online reputation in few days.

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Criminal Background Check Removal Service:

Remove your Criminal Record, Background Check, and Arrest record information from over 50+ online databases and websites. Our team will remove your online criminal record and private personal information from Online Background Checks websites like Intelius, LexisNexis Accurint, IDTrue, eVerify, BackgroundFinder, Advanced Background Checks, Truefinder, BeenVerified, FindLaw, Instant Checkmate Removal, BackgroundFinder, LookUpAnyone, and many other Criminal Record Background Checks websites.


Why put up with an embarrassing criminal record that can damage your online reputation, haunt you, and destroy your professional career? In today's information-age, landlords, employers, business associates, and even dates can check your background, criminal and arrest records and decide wither to hire you, fire you, rent you a place or even go out on a date, or not.  


Our experienced Online Reputation and Content Removal experts will remove your Background records at the most affordable price on the Internet. This service is Only Available to customers in the United States of America (USA) and Canada.

Overview of Criminal Background Check Removal Service:


Many websites share your background information, criminal and arrest records with the public either for a fee or free. These companies are making money by revealing your background and criminal records online. While many people can manage to get their criminal records sealed or expunged at the courthouse, if such companies receive your criminal records before your case was sealed or expunged, they will still share the information publicly.


If you have a criminal or arrest record being shared online, we can remove it. Even if the criminal record has not been expunged or sealed at the courthouse, you still are eligible to get it removed from these websites. Our team is offering the best and most affordable Background Check Removal service in the industry. Call us today or just order it online.

Removing your criminal background check from online databases is part of our Online Content Removal services and Online Reputation Management Services.

Busted Mugshot Removal


Let's face it, your Online Reputation is a personal asset. If you have been arrested in the USA or Canada, chances are your busted mugshot can be found online if someone searches for your name on Google or other search engines. Your troubled past can affect your life. Even innocent people can be wrongfully arrested and charged. Even if you were innocent, and or the charges dropped or dismissed, your mugshot can still be found online.


Many criminal databases share information about the public like criminal records, arrest records and news, mugshots, etc. The information is considered public because of public safety. The Internet is unforgivable and what used to stay in Vegas is now one click away from anyone who likes to know. People who search for your name on Google will know if you have ever been arrested and if you have a criminal record or not. People in such situations wonder how to remove mugshots from google search.

Instead of having your life turn into a nightmare, you can simply contact us and we will get your arrest mugshot taken down from any website that has it.

Talk to our Online Reputation and Online Content Removal experts to have your online mugshot erased. SwiftlyLabs Busted Mugshot Removal Services.

Customer Reviews:

Don't let the past haunt you! Let SwiftlyLabs clear your criminal record once and for all.

                                     Smuel, CA

I was denied many jobs because employers Googled me and found out about my criminal record. Thanks for SwiftlyLabs, they erased my online criminal record and now I have a great job.

                               Mike, Arizona

For years landlords denied me when I tried to rent places because my criminal record was publicly available online. I never knew I could just hire these guys and they would remove it once and for all!

                         Susan, Toronto

Criminal Background Check Removal Services