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What is your Online Reputation?

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

In this Blog post we will discuss Online Reputation Management (ORM) for business and how it can impact your sales.

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Online reputation is not just your website, rather it is your business identity online.

Your online reputation and identity are determined by many factors in which many businesses do not have a grasp on.

Here’s what defines your Online Reputation:

Your Online reputation or identity is defined by what you post online such as web pages, blog posts, tweets, videos, etc. It is also defined by what others post about your business. It can be a mention in a blog post, an online review wither negative or positive as well as comments across the Internet.

Your online reputation can be formed online and constructed by negative people. Maybe it's an ex-employee who has something bad to say about your business so they go online and bash your company in an act of defamation. Bloggers also can damage your reputation. Maybe you have a restaurant and there are food bloggers out there that post negative or positive posts about your restaurant.

Maybe there is an online forum about your niche industry where people talk about your products or services. Also online customer reviews play a big role in building your online reputation. Happy customers will write great positive reviews about your business while disgruntled unhappy customers can damage your reputation.

Further more some industry reviews can be mistakes or ill researched about your company. Don't forget social media, as some comments about your business on social media can be negative. All these things come together to form your reputation as a business..

Now here are some interesting facts:

  1. 80% of Internet users research a product before purchasing (pcw.com)

  2. 72% of those that research will not buy from your business if there are negative reviews or comments.

  3. 95% of Internet users do not search past the first page of search engine results pages (SERPS) (icrossing.com)

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In light of the above facts we at Swiftly Labs have developed different Reputation Management Strategies for our customers to enhance their online image and improve their reputation. We only use ethical methods that produce results quickly and effectively.

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