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What is an Online Reputation Repair Expert?

Successful Celebrities and politicians have a concrete understanding of public relations and how it can help them in their careers. The public relations industry have changed greatly since the advent of the Internet. Gossip is no longer limited to small circles of people or printed newspapers, magazines or TV. Nowadays any one can anonymously post false and negative content about regular people and ruin people's lives forever, or at least that is how it seems.

Online Reputation Repair Expert

An Online Reputation Repair Experts is essentially a public relations officer on steroids. An Online Reputation Management Expert will have the knowledge and expertise of a traditional public relations manager as well as the knowledge and expertise of a highly experienced digital marketer. The job of an Online Reputation Expert will be to craft a Persona for their clients that will be perceived by others and make sure it is prominent online.

Another part of the Online Reputation Management expert job will be to fight the negative sentiments which are in the form of online opinions, posts, gossip, defamation articles, etc. A good online reputation repair expert knows how to highlight the positive and hide or even better delete altogether the negative online content about their clients.

While a good public relations officer will help promote and protect their client's image or reputation in the real world, they usually fail at doing the same online because their lack of understanding of digital marketing techniques.

To accomplish a perfect online reputation management campaign, celebrities, prominent individuals, politicians, businessmen and brands have to hire two types of experts; experienced public relations managers and highly experienced digital marketers in a world where technologies and digital marketing strategies and tools change rapidly. When an experts poses both of these talents, that is when they are called Online Reputation Management Experts.

What makes a good Online Reputation Repair Expert?

Over the past 2 years we have interviewed hundreds of applicants for the job of an Online Reputation Repair Expert, and even after rigorous resume reviews, most failed at their first interviews. Eventually we compiled a list of tests and questions that help us decide which online reputation managers to hire and which ones to politely decline offering a job to.

One of those questions are about managing online reputation during a crisis.

Managing Online Reputation During a Crisis:

When a negative story, comment, review or post goes online, the best of experts in online reputation management can take weeks to hide it or bring it down. This does not work very well in a crisis, where a negative piece of defamation is hurting an individual's or brand's image especially if something big in their lives is going on.

A businessman who was just about to sign a multi million dollar business deal got hit with an anonymous post that claimed he was a pedophile. The news was traveling quickly online and even though the accusation is false without basis, his business partners would not sign the deal if they found out. Less that 1% of all interviewed online reputation repair experts knew how to handle a similar situation, and they all got hired! You can refer to Online Reputation Management Case Studies to learn more.

Another important question we ask our online reputation repair experts candidates is :

How to Remove Negative Online Content altogether?

While some of our customers hiring us to manage their online reputations seem to think we have a magic button that deletes the unwanted negative online content, no Online Reputation Management Company does. Some customers even ask for pricing without giving us the link to the negative content they want removed! The simple smart answer to this question is show me the content first.

The content in itself, once analyzed will tell us if it can be removed or not. There are so many laws and acts that a negative content piece might violate, and unless an online reputation expert knows these laws no legal bases for removal can be established. Even when legal bases for content removal are established, most web hosts will not consider removal unless a legal process is started.

Finding the correct contact at the hosting web site, utilizing Cease and Desist legal language and being affirmative is a good start, but from our experience, a large percentage of these websites hosting the negative content are still not cooperative. It boils down to negotiation and other tactics that most online reputation management experts fail at explaining in the interview process.

When hiring an Online Reputation Management Service to repair your online reputation, you too should ask these questions before you hire them to make sure you are getting the best reputation repair expert for your money.

Guaranteed online reputation repair?

While it only seems fair for you to only hire a company with guaranteed online reputation repair, the real guarantee is making sure you trust that the online reputation repair expert knows what he or she are doing. Time is of the essence when it comes to fixing your online reputation, so even if the online reputation repair service is guaranteed and you would get your money back if they fail at fixing it, you and only you will be paying for the lost time.

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