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Victim of Webcam Blackmail and Sextortion? We can help.

We have been helping victims of sextortion and webcam blackmail who have been lured into flirting, taking their clothes off or performing other sexual actions with cybercriminals who pose as attractive women online. These victims of webcam blackmail then get threatened that if they do not pay money to the cybercriminal, their nude pictures or videos will be submitted online and sent to their employers, wives, girlfriends, siblings and other family members.

This type of sextortion is usually a form of organized crime and is very sophisticated. The cybercriminal researches their victims and carefully select which ones to blackmail. The victim is usually someone with a good-paying job, famous, rich, or popular amongst his peers.

It all starts with the victim being approached by a beautiful woman online who starts flirting with him. After a few conversations, things heat up. Usually, the beautiful woman is a member of a cybercriminal gang. This online flirtation can end up with the victim being asked to perform sexual acts on camera for the beautiful woman. Once the performance is over, the beautiful woman disappears forever and the blackmail starts.

The victim will then receive emails with a screenshot of the revealing video with a demand to pay a ransom immediately or risk the video being posted online.

Most of these extortions will include the names of the victim's friends, wife, girlfriend, employer's name and other important people. They will threaten the victim that in case they do not pay them money, they will also send the video to this list of individuals.

Since the cybercriminals do thorough research on their victims, ensuring that they can afford to pay them a ransom, most victims will just pay thinking it will stop and their reputation will not be tarnished online.

Once, the victim pays the blackmailers the first payment via MoneyGram, WesternUnion or with Bitcoin, another email will follow with a new demand to pay more money. This usually does not end until the victim has paid the blackmailers a specific amount of money the blackmailers assume he can pay based on their research.

This type of organized crime is very well orchestrated where the woman who lures the victim disappears, the ransom demand emails and threats are sent by different multiple individuals utilizing technologies such as VPN to hide their locations, and the money-receiving individuals usually being in a different country altogether.

Many victims feel ashamed to report these incidents which is empowering these cybercrooks to continue to blackmail other innocents.

We have developed technical processes that will stop this online blackmail quickly without costing the victim huge amounts of money. We use sophisticated anti-cybercrime technologies to identify and locate the locations of these cybercriminals and blackmailers. We then leverage our relationships with Anti Cyber Crime units around the world to arrest these blackmailers and save the day.

If you are a victim of Webcam Blackmail or sextortion, don't be ashamed and call us immediately at 1 877-943-6608.

Swiftly Labs Team