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This is Why you need an SEO agency to rank high on Search Engines

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Many business owners ask themselves daily, should I hire an SEO agency? Do I really want to work with an SEO expert to rank well on search engines? What does an SEO company do? Can't I just do it myself?

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Why you must hire an SEO company

What is SEO?

Let's first ask our selves: What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ?

SEO is a strategy that focuses on getting your website ranking high on the search engines for the keywords that describe your products and services. In other words, you want to rank high on keywords that will convert visitors to leads and therefore paying customers. Google High Ranking Secret Sauce Recipe.

You do that by analyzing over 200 speculative criteria that the search engines use to determine where your website should rank on search engine results pages (SERPS). Once you understand those criteria you start applying them to your web site and off-site. Well this guarantee your website high rankings? Absolutely not.

SEO - Never Stop Learning

Before we get into how to even build an SEO strategy, in a different blog post; you have to remember that the search engines change their algorithms almost quarterly with new rules. This is a research and trial and error industry. If you stop learning and applying your new knowledge of SEO tactics, your rankings will drop quickly. Search engines like Google have to do this because of cheaters who resort to black hat SEO to game the system. After all Google must assure that the most relevant websites rank higher because they are in the business of helping customers find the right type of information immediately.

Do you have SEO and Content experts on staff?

Do you have in-house resources to keep up with SEO trends and rules? This is the first question you need to ask your team.

Then comes the know how. Have you hired a full time online marketing expert that is experienced in SEO? Do you have in-house content writers? It is advised that you produce daily content. Search Engines love fresh content and they will reward your site for it by ranking it higher.

There is an ancient saying that goes something like this: Give the doe to the backer even if he keeps half the bread. This way you are guaranteed to have delicious professionally made bread instead of uneatable burnt loafs.

If you are a startup and have lots of time on your hand, go ahead and try to do SEO yourself. Unless you have the time and the resources and above all, the patience to learn the trade, you must hire an SEO company to help you rank well on search engines.

Focus on your business

I remember a TV ad a decade ago, where the CEO of a company that sells t-shirts had a meeting with key figures of his team and each one was complaining about none t-shirt related issues, such as IT, backups, data security, etc. The CEO then shouted out and said: Are we still in the business of selling T-shirts? The just of the story is that you focus on developing and selling your products and services and let someone else do the other jobs, in this case Search Engine Optimization and content marketing.

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