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This is how you repair your online Reputation

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

Nowadays, the slightest mistake you make with someone can go public. Your enemies can easily go online and drag your name through the mud. Wither you deserve it or not, when people search for your name, any bad reviews, negative comments , bad press and other type of defamation will show up on search results and your reputation will suffer.

Think about high rise buildings for example. It could take years to construct such buildings but minutes to bring them down. Similarly, it takes a person few minutes to post negatively about another person, but it takes forever to fix negative search results. You matter and your online reputation will be reflective of how others perceive you.

Most people searching for your personal name, if they come across such negative search results, will refrain from doing business with you.

fix and repair online personal reputation
Fix your Personal Reputation and restore your self-regard and dignity

How to Fix your Online Reputation?

If you do a quick Google search using a keyword phrase such as "Online personal reputation Repair" , "Fix my online reputation" or, " fix negative search results" you will immediately find web sites that offer to permanently remove all negative search results quickly. This is false advertising for many reasons.

You can only remove search results that you personally control quickly. The other results must be fought and disputed and it can take months and years if possible at all. If a search result is defaming you and you or your agent contacts them politely and you can prove otherwise, it might work. If they refuse, you have to go to court.

If the page that has negative view of your image is using personal copyright materials such as your picture you can report it to Google. Google receives millions of these requests monthly and it takes them ages to act.

I am not suggesting not to do these things, but be careful not to fall for such marketing gimmicks that promise quick results. Think about the costs involved in such processes, then compare that to their asking price. Can you do all the above for $10,000? Of course not.

The Low Hanging Fruits: Rebuild your Personal Reputation

The best and most economical solution to improve your personal brand and reputation is by rebuilding. Rebuild the search engine results that people see when they search for your name. We call this Search Engine Results Suppression. Basically you hire a Reputation Management Company that will use SEO and Content Marketing to create different web properties that will dominate the search results for your name query. Professional Online Reputation Management (ORM) experts will put together a strategy that treats your name as a brand. The newly produced content is SEO optimized to rank on the top on Search Engine Results Pages) suppressing the negative results to pages 3 and beyond.

Most people hardly go to page 2 of SERPs, let alone page 3 and beyond. This rebuilding of search results approach will improve your online personal reputation and will give you a good standing. This process of rebuilding your online reputation can take time depending on the authority of the negative results. Are these results from personal unknown web sites? Are they from an article on CNN? Perhaps its a government web site describing a legal case you were indited in? Each result has to be treated individually.

The Good News about Improving your Online Personal Reputation:

If a professional Reputation Management firm is hired, and you have the patience to go along with a smart reputation management strategy, success will be the end result. Lead time to start seeing these negative results disappear from pages 1 to 3 of search engine results pages, is 4-6 weeks depending on your case.

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