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The Rise of Content Marketing

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

In this Blog post we discuss What is Content Marketing and how it became the center piece of any Marketing strategy these days.

Marketing Background

No doubt more and more people realize that content marketing has been hot, impactful, important and effective. Somebody in the market who is not just shouting about their products is doing some cool stuff for their customers. Content is really the only marketing that is left. It's really the only way a business is going to differentiate itself in a crazy and noisy marketplace. Content is the rise of the new marketing. Google High Ranking Secret Sauce Recipe.

Brands and branding are an artifact of the 1960s, 1970s and the 1980s. That's when we had big mass media like Television and Radio which dominated everything. Families gathered around the TV in the evenings. Advertising came along and what we did is we created commonality; in other words the family next door watched the same commercials that I saw. That's when you found out about new products and services in the marketplace. That's how you found about brands that might've Been good for your home or car for example.

So marketing was about interruption. In other words companies had to interrupt your day by putting on a TV commercial while you were watching your game or favorite drama. It has been primarily about persuasion. Marketers fall in love with mass media because at the time it was the best way to market their products and services.

Companies, corporations and media had all the power because we only had so many ways to get their information. With the advent of the Internet that disappeared and suddenly the advertisers and the audience can find each other, or rather the advertiser and the publisher essentially competing through the same channels to try to reach the audience.

That's when brands have come into the room realizing that they no longer have to go through a third party to reach their target audience. Instead of having to advertise in someone else's channel, they have the opportunity to create their own valuable, relevant and compelling content in their own channel to create royalty and build customer relationships directly instead of having to pay for that attention.

Content Marketing is Ancient Business

Nowadays we have to change the way we think about the consumer we want to have a relationship with and the best way to do that today is through content.

Content marketing preceded advertising. When you go back in history, the first ads were really content that was connecting with people around value. At some point in the 1950s we decided to dazzle and sparkle by talking about ourselves instead in terms of when they needed it.

As I define content marketing: communicating with customers to drive behavior has been around forever. For millions of years, since the first cave man tried to sell a rock to another cave man. He was, in a sense; creating a rock brochure!

We always did have content marketing just a different iteration of it. A good example is the Furrow magazine for farmers. The articles in Furrow magazine, owned by John Deer; have been always neutral to the point most farmers didn't realize the magazine was owned by John Deer corporation. This was content marketing at its best.

Today Content Marketing is leveling the ground and providing the same advantage that big corporations have, to the small business. I keep saying Content is King, so get to it as it is the best way to reach customers online.

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