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The Right To Be Forgotten coming to USA and Canada soon.

In 2010 France was the first country in the world to officially recognize The Right To Be Forgotten ( le droit à l'oubli). Essentially this right grants individuals the right to remove damaging information from search engines and public records after a certain period of time. Also in the United Kingdom under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, most criminal convictions can be forgotten eventually. The concept of the right to be forgotten has been put in practice in the European Union since 2006.

The Right To Be Forgotten | Reputation Management Services
The Right To Be Forgotten Act | USA & Canada

The right to not be stigmatized as a result of a specific action performed in the past might raise to the status of an international human right eventually, thanks to France, UK and the EU in general.

The right to be forgotten is like your credit history. After 7 years your credit history is cleared and you are given a second chance. In the near future we believe that a court ruling similar to that in the EU, in United States of America and Canada might give us the ability to remove negative content, press and court records from search engines and the public eye without court orders for every single case. Currently that process is very lengthy and expensive.

Many Online Reputation Management and online profile defenders companies claim they can remove all negative results from search engines for few thousand dollars. Those companies are lieng or as evident by the recent fraud charges laid against the CEO of a popular Reputation Management competitor, are defrauding the legal system and dragging their customers down with them.

For now, the only viable solution to repair a business or individual online reputation is through suppression services, content marketing ans SEO.

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