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Remove negative content from google search

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

The democratic nature of the Internet has made it possible for anyone to go online and share freely their opinions about products, services, companies and individuals. There is no fact-checking and many people and companies are falling victims of this democratic online world. Victims of online defamation can suffer greatly and seek help to remove negative search engine results. Removing negative content from Google search results should be part of a well planned online reputation management service.

Remove negative content from Google search

The term "Google it" is becoming a reality as most people conveniently search Google for people, products, and companies to learn more before making decisions. Product reviews and revenge websites are becoming a source of information no matter how truthful they are.

Eliminating, deleting, and dismissing negative content from google search can be a daunting task only experienced and professional Online Reputation Repair Experts can do. While some content can easily be deleted from Google, removing other content from Google search can seem to be impossible. Getting rid of negative content from Google search requires a thorough understanding of public relations, Search Engine Optimization trends & techniques, and mastering digital marketing,

How to remove negative search results from Google?

Many people are victims of slander and lives are being destroyed wrongfully along the way. The average person or business does not have the knowledge or the means to actually remove negative content from Google search. Google and the other search engines thrive on information and therefore love new content wither true or false.

Google can't fact-check every piece of content it presents to its searchers, and therefore it is up to the individual to seek to remove the false and negative content from the web-hosts, Google, and the other search engines.

How easy is it to remove negative content from Google search?

Short answer: Not easy at all. Removing negative content from Google has to be a very thoughtful process. You have to present to Google the basis for removing the negative content from their index. Even then, Google might not remove the content.

How to delete negative content from Google search?

To help answer the question of how to remove negative search results from google,

our reputation management experts will share some helpful information. Removing negative content from Google search has to undergo the following steps:

1) Analyze the negative content and find the legal basis for removal. What laws or privacy and information acts does the negative content violate? This step requires your full understanding of the laws and acts before you contact Google.

2) Write a legal request that identifies how the negative content you wish Google to remove violates your rights and how this is affecting your livelihood. Certain legal and social keywords must be carefully used in your draft.

3) Avoid submitting online forms to request Google to remove the negative content. This piece of advice is very essential to successfully remove content from Google. Google is a trillion dollar company with over 150,000 employees if not more. By submitting online forms to request content removal from Google, you risk being unnoticed. Using registered mail and addressing the correct contact is a must.

4) Use your drafted request before sending it to Google to negotiate with the hosting website to get them to delete the negative content. Most companies in-violation of your rights can get totally banned and de-indexed from Google. No real website will be able to risk being banned from Google as they depend on them for traffic.

5) If Google ignores or denies your request to erase the negative content, you need to go to court and get a court order to force both the hosting website and Google to delete the negative content.

Some people have the knowledge and the know-how to follow the above steps in order to delete the negative content from Google search, but most do not. Contact us today for a no obligation quote to get the negative content removed from Google.


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