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Paid Search on Google Helps Organic Search

Does Paid Search Help Organic search?

Although a bit controversial, experienced Search Engine Optimization experts have always speculated that if a company advertises on Google, their organic search rankings would improve. By studying different Adwords (Google Ads) campaigns over the years, our findings seem to assert that the statement in the title of this post is true.

We often hear some of our customers make statements or ask questions like: "Since we started advertising on Google, our organic traffic increased", " “I started using Google Adwords and my SEO rankings increased.”, "Does paid search help organic search?", "I heard that you can pay Google to increase organic traffic", "Does paid search help SEO?"

Paid Search Improves Organic Search
Paid Search Improves Organic Search

Before we start accusing Google of being biased and favoring customers that pay them money to improve organic search rankings, one must have a good knowledge of how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work.

Advertising your website on Google or on any other media channel tells the users about your content. If your content is relevant, thoughtful and compelling, others would naturally engage with it and possibly link to it. New relevant backlinks to your website by other websites and influencers improve your PageRank and your TrustRank scores. Higher PageRank and TrustRank scores for a website will increase its organic search rankings for the targeted keyword phrases and topics.

Recent research correlates direct traffic with improved rankings. If people actually remember your domain name and type it directly in the URL bar, or bookmark it; that is an indication of trust. Google seems to utilize the data about user behavior from Google Analytics to judge if your website is trustworthy or not. If Google trusts your website, you will improve your search rankings.

All of this leads us to believe that the more traffic your website gets through different advertising vehicles, the higher your website will rank on search engines; provided that your content is awesome and helpful.

Another way paid search helps organic search rankings is Familiarity. Suppose you are advertising on Google ads. When people see your advertisement, they get acquainted with your brand even if they do not click on your ad. The next time they are searching for the targeted keyword or topic and they see your organic search listing, they are more likely to click on your link. This human behavior indirectly impacts your organic search.

While the subject of paid search helping organic search is often discussed as if Google is conspiring to help advertisers, we at Swiftly Labs believe Google would never do such a thing. Google is one of the largest public companies in the world, and to think that they would conspire to generate a bit more money is frankly absurd.

Google themselves talk openly about this and they do mention that bidding on your company name and using it as a search phrase helps increase exposure by making your business eligible to appear in both the sponsored and organic search results.

Paid Search Helps Organic Search Proof
Paid Search Helps Organic Search Proof

So exposing your high quality content to the world via online advertising, wither on Google or elsewhere , will improve your rankings over time.

Swiftly Labs Team