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Online Reputation Management Costs and Pricing

Updated: Feb 20

Average cost of online reputation management services:

Based on experience, the average cost of online reputation management services for individuals should be anywhere from $2000 to $5000. The authority of the sites with the negative content you are trying to hide determines the cost of online reputation management services offered. A Reputation Management price should also include a 12 month guarantee of the service.

When you are collecting pricing offers from different Online Reputation Management companies, ask about payment terms. Online reputation management cost can be expensive for some people and companies with payment terms means they are professional and able to manage your online reputation correctly and hide all the negative online content.

Online Reputation Management services are offered by agencies who can suppress online negative content about a brand or a person, as well as removing negative search engine results for a fee. The costs of online reputation management vary from one company to the other. The skill sets required for a team of marketers to fix one's online reputation are in demand and team members are paid top dollars to do such a job.

Cost of Online Reputation Management Services

The average reputation management project requires minimum 25 hours per week for at least 2-12 months to totally clean a customer's online reputation. If the price of an online reputation management job does not reflect the skill sets and the time required as explained above, then the offer is questionable.

Each reputation case is unique, and therefore the work required to accomplish the customer's goals varies from one customer to the other. Naturally the costs involved in each reputation management case are different. Other factors that contribute to online reputation pricing are how fast does the customer want the job done and whether if lawyers are involved or not.

Forcing search engines to de-index or remove negative, defamatory or misleading content requires legal work for the most part.

Another factor affecting reputation management pricing is the age of the content and how passive or proactive was the customer going about fighting back. If a customer had bad negative content about them 5 years ago, and nothing was done since then to fight back, the price will be more expensive as more work is required to clean their online reputation.

How much does online reputation management cost?

Generally speaking the price range of an online reputation management campaign is $2000-$25,000. We have occasionally invoiced customers for over $75,000 per campaign, but this is rare.

When getting priced on an Online Reputation Management Campaign, make sure your goals are precisely defined, and the Reputation Management Company you are using has a sound project scope and a timeline that outlines deliverables clearly.