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Keyword Research is Not Rocket Science

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Before you start your SEO strategy and content writing, you need to conduct keyword research. Most people go online and use keyword research tools readily available by many search engines like Google to create a list of keywords they want to rank well under. This is a sound strategy, however; if that is all you do then you are bound to fail. Why?

Keyword Research for successful SEO strategy
Keyword Research Strategy

The keyword research tools will give you keywords that people have used to search for similar products and services like yours, but in the past. Not only that, but even these tools , it turns out, do not reveal everything and for a good reason. Google for instance, speculatively speaking, might prefer to show you the keywords that advertisers are paying top dollar for. These keywords have lots of competition and will be next to impossible to rank high in the SERPS for. I might be wrong, but the whole SEO market is speculative and it will always remain the same.

Google High Rankings Secret Sauce Recipe.

Anticipate the Trends:

I noticed that new keyword phrases that have never been used before are popping up all the time and becoming a trend. Imagine you thought of a keyword phrase that no one used and you targeted it. Suddenly that keyword becomes a trend. Can you imagine the ton of traffic your website could get? This scenario happens almost everyday in real life. So how do you anticipate keyword trends?

First you need to keep personal relationships with real experts in your industry and talk to them and pick their brains all the time. Secondly, you need to talk to customers and potential customers, not just for the sake of selling them, but to brain storm. These trends come from real people, not keyword tools. You can also use Google trends and other similar tools to see what is trending now and try to catch the waive.

Keyword Research and Change Management:

So you have done a great job defining your keyword list initially, you targeted these keywords in your content, and you got great results. Since then, every time you produce new content you continue using the same keywords. This is called insanity. To remind you, Insanity is defined as doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. In order to improve your search engine rankings. You need to target new keywords constantly. Put together a plan where you have to come up with 100% new keyword phrases to target once a while. This way you will have a better chance at improving your search engine rankings, getting more traffic, generating more leads and of course more revenues for your business.

Latent Semantic Indexing and Synonyms:

Does it sound like rocket science? Well it is not. We already covered LSI Keywords in a previous post.

I suggest you read that post carefully, and then come back to continue reading this post about keyword research.

To Be Continued.....