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How Much should I pay? Average cost of online reputation management Services

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Online Reputation Management is a hot topic right now. For most people suffering from a negative Online Reputation, seeking the help of ORM companies can be a hard task. When searching for the best ORM service provider you will notice the pricing differences.

So how much should you pay for a professional Online Reputation Management Campaign to hide the negative online content about you or your brand?

We discussed the average cost of ORM before. You can read our thoughts about ORM pricing here.

There is no such thing as one price fits all when it comes to pricing online reputation management services. Our professionals price each customer based on 2 important factors:

1) The strength of the negative content in the eyes of Google

2) The age of said negative content.

Let us explain:

The strength of the negative online content in the eyes of Google and other search engines:

Google and other search engines determine where to rank a piece of content for your name based on many factors including: The Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA) and the Trust score. The higher these values are the more work is needed to push these results deep into the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages).

While a relatively unknown hosting website has weak values, a CNN news story would be hard to push back and will take more work to accomplish the task. This will be reflected in the price you pay.

The age of said negative content:

Search engines love old content. The older the content the harder it is to hide on the search engines. Expect to pay more if the content is old. It is a wise idea to act immediately when a negative online content shows up online about you or your brand.

How much should I pay for Online Reputation Management?

Currently, most Online Reputation Management service providers will charge you a minimum of USD $5000 to hide the negative search results. At SwiftlyLabs we set the minimum at $2900.