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Google High Rankings Secret Sauce Recipe

Throughout the years our SEO experts have discovered many criteria that help a given web site rank high on the search engine result pages (SERPs) for selected keywords. Some of these factors are very well known and encouraged by Google itself. Other factors are purely speculated and suggested by trial and error over time. Obviously it is in the best interest of Google and the other search engines not to reveal how their search algorithms work to protect their rankings from being gamed by unethical so-called search marketing experts.

Google High Rankings Secret Sauce Recipe
Google High Rankings Secret Sauce Recipe

It is claimed that there are 200+ factors that determine how highly a website can rank for a specific keyword phrase on the SERPs. While we believe the so called Google ranking secret sauce can be much simpler, knowing these 200+ criteria is essential to understanding Search Engine Optimization and can form positive habits for those working to create better content for the end users.

Before we dive deeper into this matter we have to understand the role of the search engine in helping people find information online.

The Role of Search Engines:

Search engines have one role and one role only: To deliver the most accurate answer for the user query. The visitor visits a search engine, types a search string and hits search. What is represented to them next determines if the search engine is worth using or not. In a split second Google or other search engines must find the best answer to the query and represent the results in an order that will suggest the following:

The top result should be the best answer for the searcher's question. The second is the second best answer, etc. The quality of the top search results determine the search engine stickiness.

Search engine stickiness is what makes or breaks a search engine. The reason Google dominates the search space is exactly that. Many search engines came and gone simply because they failed to understand their role in the industry.

The Role of Website Marketers:

Your role as an online marketer helping website owners should be no different than that of Google's! Your job is to create content that will satisfy the search engine visitor and their thirst for information. The minute you align your goals as an online marketer with those of the search engines you win the game. So What does that mean? Many marketers are acting like machines where they keep doing the same stuff over and over. Sure they win new customers and many customers are happy by the traffic they help produce, but true marketers know better.

If you start acting like Google, you will end up producing truly brilliant content that will make the human searcher feeling so satisfied they found it in the first place. They will have all their questions answered in an easy to understand language and well presented. They will respect the author of the content and thank them for it. The end user will love the author for being such a good thought leader and a friend.

It is true however, good content might not make it to the top search results. This is where we focus on the other factors that will help your wining-content rank high. There is a balancing act between awesome content and website authority.

Note: This is a work-in-progress piece of content updated daily....

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