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GoodReads Removal Services

While GoodReads.com states in their policies that they will never remove a published book from their database, it happens often. Some authors find themselves in a situation where they no longer want their book listed or reviewed on GoodReads.com.

Goodreads book removal service
Goodreads book removal service

As a matter of fact here is what GoodReads.com say about their policy top remove published books:

" Deleting published books from our system is against policy. Goodreads is striving to be a complete database of all published works, including works that are out-of-print. We like our members to be able to add their exact edition to their virtual shelves. Just as a library would not remove a record from its catalog, so do we not remove books from our database.

However, if your book was never published and never will be published, we might be able to remove it. Please contact us."

So sending an email or filling the above form to request the removal of your published book will not work. What GoodReads.com and other Book websites will fail to tell you is that publishing the name, the cover and any text from your book is illegal without your consent.

According the U.S 1976 Copyright act, specifically Title 17 of U.S. Code, Section 102(a) prohibits any one or website from publishing all or parts of your literary works without your permission, the author, you.

Many companies have internal policies that are against the law, and publishing all or parts of your book without consent is one of them.

While most authors wishing to delete their Books entirely from GoodReads, they simply fail because they for not represent their case correctly. If you need help removing your book from GoodReads.com and other similar Books reviews websites, we can help.

Contact us Today and we will get your book removed from GoodReads by using legal methods and processes that will force them to remove the unwanted content. Our experts have used our goodreads book removal service over and over with an astonishing success rate of almost 100%