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41 Online Reputation Management Statistics and facts in 2020:

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Important Notice: Online Reputation Management Statistics can change rapidly. We constantly update these ORM statistics to reflect the latest status of ORM statistics. This Article about Online Reputation Management statistics was last updated in October 2020.

As more and more people and companies realize the importance of managing their online reputation as one of the most important assets they have, we have compiled 41 different astonishing and mind-altering reputation management stats and facts for 2020:

Online Reputation Management Statistics for 2020
Online Reputation Management Stats for 2020

Recent Online Reputation Management Statistics and Facts:

* Close associates and peers are now considered as credible as experts

*73% of customers trust local businesses after reading positive reviews online

*85% of customers will trust online reviews as if they were personal recommendations by friends

*15% of customers will not deem a business trustworthy if they don't have online reviews

*Over 64% of people trust search engines like Google when searching a business online

*Top 3 world populations: Facebook, YouTube then China

*Around 77% of customers will not trust a business if their online reviews are more than 3 months old

*2 in 3 people get their news and product recommendations from social media websites

*93% of buying decisions are influenced by social media

*When it comes to ranking for local searches, online reviews are the second most considered ranking criteria

*Around 97% of customers read online reviews when searching for a local business

*By 2020 video will account for 75% of mobile usage

*Improving online reviews ratings from 3-star to 5-star increases clicks by 25%

*49% of customers will not buy from a business unless they have a 4-star rating

*More than 30% of consumers feel positive about businesses that respond to online reviews

*74% of consumers are more likely to contact a business if the business posts customer reviews on their website

*50% of keyword searches return results where Wikipedia ranks on the front page

*Over 69% of job candidates would not work for a company with a bad online reputation

* Every second 2 people join LinkedIn

*83% of consumers trust online user recommendation over advertising

*87% of consumers compare products and offers online before purchasing

*Only 15% of executives proactively do something about their company's online reputation

*58% of company executives understand how important online reputation management is

*80 of people received advice on social media when making a purchasing decision online

*31% of employees have used search engines to find information about colleagues, co-workers, competitors, and other professionals

*14% of consumers trust advertising, while 78% trust peer recommendations

*25% of a company's market value is attributed to its online reputation

*41% of companies with a negative reputation online reported a significant loss of revenues

*86% of customers don't mind paying more for the services and products a company offers if they have positive online reviews

*80 of university admission offices search on Facebook for their candidates before accepting them

*45% of people who found something negative online about someone stopped them from doing business with them

*88% of people believe that it is nearly impossible to remove false, inaccurate or negative content about them from the search engines

*11% of employers require their employees to promote themselves through social media online

*On average an unhappy customer will tell between 9-15 people about their bad experience

*13% of dissatisfied customers will share their bad experience with more than 20 people

*Over 33% of consumers will recommend a business with an ineffective but quick response

*About 17% of customers will recommend a business with a slow but effective response

*30% of mobile consumers will abandon their shopping cart if the site is not mobile-friendly

*Only 2% of people totally own their entire first page of search engines

* every day on Google, there are over 1 billion names searched

*80 of consumers in the USA decided not to purchase from a company after finding negative online reviews and content


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