Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Case Studies

Online Reputation Management Case Studies | A list of good examples of personal and corporate online reputation management case studies showcasing how we were hired to fix online reputations of companies and individuals. The following individual and brand online reputation case studies are real examples of reputation damage control and repair services.1


Online Reputation Management (ORM) Case Studies


Most of our online reputation management customers do not wish to publically reveal their personal or brand identities. In rare situations, a publically traded company must be transparent about managing their reputations so they do share how we helped them repair their online corporate image.
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Celebrity Online Reputation Management Case Study:
The Problem:
A famous rapper was accused of criminal activities but was not convicted yet, however;  the press went nuts. The media coverage of the story was so intensive, the negative press was dominating the first 4 pages of Google search results for his name.
The notion of being innocent until proven guilty obviously was not a concern for most media outlets that covered the story. The man was acquitted without conviction. This artist was suffering severe consequences for something he didn't do. His reputation was tarnished and his family members were affected by the negative reputation. When the rapper was announced innocent by the legal system, few media outlets covered the story. In this particular case, we reached out to his manager on Twitter and offered to help. After outlining our specific online reputation strategy, they engaged us to help repair his online reputation.
The Solution:
We worked with the rapper and his manager to fix his online reputation on 2 fronts. The first was to immediately weaken the rankings of the negative search results and bury them deep into the search engine results pages (SERPS) by promoting positive content online. We were able to dominate the top 3 pages of search results with relevant and well thought off content in about 50 days.
The second method was focused on totally removing the negative media coverage and articles from the search engines by using legal services. We were able to obtain court orders that forced the media outlets to remove most of the negative and biased articles as well as the search engines deindexing the content. This process of removing the negative content took about 6 months to complete.
In the end, our online reputation management strategy implemented by our reputation experts proved to be the best way to clean up his name online and repair his damaged reputation. This solution was part of an overall online reputation management services.


Plastic Surgeon Online Management Reputation Case Study:
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The Problem:
A Plastic surgeon contacted us seeking our help in restoring her online reputation. When she searched online for her personal name and the clinic's, a single negative review was ranking #1 on Google. She admitted to us that she didn't think it was a big deal at the beginning, but when the influx of new patients started to wind down, she got worried. Her reception had to answer to potential customers that were asking questions about the incident. The doctor told us that the information submitted online by the alleged unhappy patient does not ring the bill. She told us that she believes a competing plastic surgeon might be behind it. 
It is not unusual for competitors to submit fake reviews to tarnish their competitor's reputations. We decided to engage with this plastic surgeon and help fix her online reputation.
The Solution:
We attempted to remove the negative review at the source, but the online reviews website refused to delete the false review. Their excuse was the Freedom of Speach Act is on their side, even though the negative online review was posted anonymously. We entertained the fact that we might be able to legally force the reviews site and Google to delete the offending content, but the plastic surgeon was in a hurry and didn't want to take the legal route. We worked on implementing an online reputation management strategy that focused on showcasing what her happy patients had to say.
We contacted a list of plastic surgery patients she supplied us with and managed to convince over 17 different patients to share their positive experiences about the plastic surgeon online. We then created and promoted different positive web properties with their authentic positive reviews. Within 35 days, the single false and negative search result was ranking on the third page of Google when searching for her clinic or her name. Finally, the doctor cleaned up her name and her practice restored its good online reputation.


HVAC Company Online Management Reputation Case Study:
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The Problem:
A Calgary based HVAC company was battling with negative online customer reviews. The company has been in business for over 30 years. It has been under new management for the past 3 months, and one of the obstacles the new management wanted to overcome was the lack of a digital marketing strategy. The new management was aware of the damaged and negative online reputation the company have and wanted to take action to repair its online corporate image.
The Solution:
Once the new management of this HVAC company contacted our reputation management team, we conducted an online brand reputation audit to conclude where they stand and what the action plan will look like. Years of unattended negative customer reviews have taken a toll on their reputation. A simple search on Google for their company's name turned up search results pages cluttered with offending and damaging content. One of our reputation experts made a comment saying: "If I put myself in the shoes of a potential customer, after reading some of these negative reviews, I would never hire this HVAC company".
There was lots of work to be done. We put together an online reputation management strategy with content marketing and SEO at its core. Our Content marketers developed over 50 positive web properties, ranging from thoughtful and relevant blog posts, social media campaigns, white papers, case studies, etc. We had to do extensive reverse SEO in order to weaken the highest ranking search results.
We engaged them to respond to the recent negative and positive customer reviews and implemented a process to deal with unhappy customers in a timely fashion. While it usually takes us 90 days or less to fix a company's online reputation, this Calgary-based HVAC company was a tougher job to take on. It took us over 5 months to finally clean up their online reputation and restore their image. 


Online Reputation Management for a Physician Case Study:
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The Problem:
A New York physician contacted us to salvage his online reputation. The physician's clinic has experienced a drop in new patient signup rates and his medical practice was suffering. Management has underestimated the importance of online reviews for doctors and therefore didn't respond to negative online patient reviews and complaints at all. The doctor had so many credentials and years of experience under his belt, but that didn't seem to reflect on his online reputation.
The physician was not alerted to the state of his internet reputation because it didn't occur to him to search his name online. It wasn't until his reception received a call from a new patient canceling their doctor's appointment. When the receptionist asked the patient for the reason for the cancellation, the patient mentioned the negative online reviews.
The Solution:
After a thorough online reputation audit for the physician, we came to the conclusion that the doctor was not as friendly as patients like him to be. Most of the negative online complaints were not about how good of a doctor he was, they were mostly about him not smiling and not being friendly. We devised our online reputation management strategy for the physician to include 2 parts. The first part was focused on getting the doctor to understand the need for being more compassionate with his patients, and we suggested some online courses which he gladly participated in.
The second part was focused on implementing a reputation strategy that got more happy patients of his, going online submitting positive reviews without trying to influence them on what to say. We then created positive online content and positioned him as a thought leader with great online medical advice. The curation of such medical advice started to rank higher for his name, and many satisfied patients shared their positive views of him online.
Within weeks, the positive online content was dominating the first and second search results pages for his name, and literally, the clinic's phones were ringing off the hook. 


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Online Reputation Management for Real Estate Case Study:
The Problem:
This particular customer is a real estate company that had a complex online reputation problem. First, the real estate company itself was severely attacked online by customers, employees, partners and even the authorities for late projects. The late real estate projects caused their employees, customers, and partners to be dissatisfied. Their poor handling of the situation caused everyone to go public with their complaints. Their online reputation was tainted and their business was suffering. To add insult to injury, the CEO of this real estate company shared his personal name with a criminal. People searching for his name on google could not differentiate between him and his name twin. A clear case of mistaken identity was at play and it cost him and his real estate business dearly. 
The Solution:
The CEO contacted us after seeing our online advertising and was seeking our expert help. After a careful review of his personal and corporate online reputations, we advised him on what can be done to get him and his company out of trouble.
We implemented an online reputation management plan for his real estate business that focused on explaining to customers, employees, and partners the real reasons behind project delays. The reasons were justifiable and most parties calmed down. We were able to turn most of the online negative reviews and complaints into positive ones, but few refused to cooperate. We then took the usual route of implementing an SEO and content marketing strategy to force the remaining negative reviews and search results out of the first and second pages of Google search results pages. In about 80 days, we repaired the real estate company's reputation and things went back to normal.
The second part was to clear the confusion about the name collision situation. We were able in about 4 months to dominate the search results with positive content about him and make the other content about the criminal disappear from the top 3 search results pages when searching for his name. 

Calgary. Vancouver. New York. San Fransisco. Los Angeles. Houston. Washignton DC.


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Online Reputation Management for Fashion Designer Case Study:
The Problem:
This underground fashion designer started to be famous. The fashion designer struggled for years with failing designs and unnoticed fashion work. Over the past 3 years, his fashion designs started to be noticed by media and retailers. His recent success amongst young people helped place his brand in retail stores across North America and Europe. He made a name for himself over a short period of time, with one problem. When fans Google his name, old pictures show up on Google images. The designer didn't like these pictures to show online, even though they were none-incriminating photos of him in his teens.
The fashion designer made requests to the websites hosting these pictures for removal. While most were not responsive, some websites cooperated with the designer and removed the pictures. While some pictures were deleted at the hosting websites, they still showed up on Google. The images were deleted but cashed by the search engines. The fashion designer contacted us to help remove unwanted pictures from Google and other search engines.
The Solution:
Once the fashion designer contacted us, we analyzed Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines and devised a strategy that focused on :
1) Contacting and negotiating with websites hosting unwanted pictures for removal
2) Reporting unwanted pictures to Google and legally requesting immediate removal.
3) Forcing Google and other search engines via SEO to remove cached images.
3) Optimizing hundreds of preferable pictures to the fashion designer to dominate the search engines images results pages.
Within 120 days, most images were deleted at the host or by search engines, cached images removed, and over 200 brand specific photos and images dominated the search results when fans searched for the fashion designer on Google and other search engines.

Our team will share more online reputation management case studies on monthly basis. Due to the nature of our business and our clients wishes, our online reputation case studies will not reveal the true identity of our clients wither individuals or corporations.