Webcam Blackmail and Sextortion Emergency Service.

Report Sextortion


If you are a victim of sextortion or webcam blackmail, you need to act immediately. Our emergency service will identify, locate and prosecute the cybercriminals and stop them from further exploiting you or causing real reputational damage. Our Anti-Cybercrime methodologies are tried and tested and often will lead to stopping these cybercrooks from continuing to harras you.  You are a victim, and your silence will fuel these cybercrooks to heart more people. Our work is confidential and your name will not be shared.

Our experience, gained by helping many victims of webcam blackmail, sextortion, and other love scams; tells us this is most likely an organized crime by gangs residing in west Africa. We have developed relationships with local authorities and anti-cybercrime units in countries like Nigeria, Cote D'Ivoire, Morocco and others that are very motivated to crack down on these cybercriminals because it hearts their country's reputation and takes a toll on tourism and foreign investments.

Our 2-tier approach will help you cope with the threats and stall the criminals while utilizing state-of-the-art cybercrime technologies, Digital Forensics, and social engineering to eliminate the threats, save your reputation, squeaking out of the situation while minimizing financial losses and putting the extortionists behind bars. 

If you are currently experiencing webcam blackmail or sextortion, call our emergency services immediately.

Report Sextortion and Webcam Blackmail and get help immediately:


Most people who experience webcam blackmail and sextortion, will feel overwhelmed, humiliated, embarrassed, and devastated. Our experience shows that most victims will not consult with authorities, experts or family members because they are afraid to be judged. Paying a ransom will not make the extortionists go away.


You need a professional expert to help you cope with the situation, minimize mental health and wellbeing effects, while using a professional approach that combines, anti cyber crime tools, social engineering and communications with local and international authorities to stop and prosecute the extortionists quickly before they destroy your reputation.

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